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My unforgettable experience in Florence during my Architecture course.

This may be one of the hardest posts I have had to write because my study abroad experience in Florence was so amazing. It is impossible to explain how much I learned in a one month course of architecture. I enjoyed every moment in Florence, specially with the amazing architecture firm and professors.

Such an inspiring city: Florence, capital of Renaissance

Florence was one of the greatest cities that inspired me as an architecture student, where you can see legacies of the Renaissance up close. The center of the city is itself a museum filled with spectacular architecture dating from the medieval and Renaissance periods to the present. As I come from the capital of the Islamic region, it’s beneficial to gain more exposure to different styles of art, culture and Architecture . It also helps to gain a greater perspective of the world around us.

The great experience inside the Architecture and Interior Design school

Florence design school is ideal for gaining architecture practice. By giving the opportunity to visit and work on actual project sites which is beneficial to an architecture student to get this opportunity to understand the production of processes behind the design project, and interact with architects and get feedbacks. Also what I like about the Studium Architecturae- Florence Design school is that it focuses on the use of practical and visual experience to develop and absorb the architectural vision. My experience during the architecture course helped me to keep alive in time the memory of this wonderful city.

Unforgettable workshop of materials and drawing

Talking about the best part in the course, I’ve selected the drawing workshop, where I had the chance to explore Florence and sketch the most interesting architectural elements and I learn about them. Also I worked on the materials workshop (resin) how to prepare it by making different surfaces and effects.

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