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Master In Interior Design- My Experience In Florence

I have been living in Italy for about three years and I decided to make a Master Interior Design course to improve my skills and learn more about Interior Design.

Florence, the city full of art and history

Once I have done my degree in fine arts in Urbino, I decided to move to Florence for my master degree in Interior Design. I choose Florence because is a small and safe city, with history of the architecture and art that inspires me a lot. It’s also a city that offers you a lot. From the exhibitions, museums, historical buildings from the Renaissance period , to the entertainment such as cafés, bars to take an aperitif, to drink a glass of wine, or just to grab a cappuccino, and restaurant to taste the traditional food like the famous bistecca (beef steak). Florence is a city famous for the art with the art works of Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Donatello but also for the architecture of Brunelleschi, Leon Battista Alberti. Apart of the famous works, the city offers you the artistic atmosphere thanks to the street artists that you can find in each square.

My experience at Studium Architecturae - Florence design School

I attended the Master of Interior & Furniture Design at Studium Architecturae Florence Design School. During my master I discovered a new way to approach the Design and the composition of the shapes, finishing and colors. During the course, I attended different lectures for History of Design during which I learned about different designers and architects and their works, Design studio-Drawing which especially focuses more on analyzing the colors and their influence in the interior space, Technology and Drawing which I had the opportunity to work on the interior space of a shop. Each lecture was very interesting and constructive. Also during my Interior design Course I had the opportunity to experience the work in real Architecture and Interior Design firm.

Through my Study design at Studium Architecturae, I practiced how to create a correct plan, elevation and section. I learned the correct way of 2d graphic representation for the plans and the use of the shadows in 2d drawing. Furthermore, I made a deeply research about the natural light. First, my presentation includes a general analyze about the light and its relationship with the interior space,then, includes the different types of natural light that exist and in the end, I associate this analyze with famous works of important architects. For my research, it has helped me a lot the visit that I have done with the Studium Archtecturae, in one of the most important Light Studio in Florence (studio Zoo) which I have the chance to talk with experts and to see from close some of the famous lamps from international designers.

Furthermore, In the Furniture design School I had the opportunity to meet students from different countries. It was a beautiful experience because I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with people from different culture and lifestyle, learning more about them and their countries.

Cities that I’ve visited during my study abroad program in Florence

During my study abroad interior design course in Florence, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and to make strong friendships that I am sure will remain forever. Together we had the opportunity to visit a lot of cities, thanks to geographical position of Florence that is in the center of Italy. These trips were unforgettable experience. We visited Pisa, Siena, Verona, Roma, Milan, Bologna, Venice, each of them with its own beauty. It is worth to visit all of them , but the city I suggest to go is Venice, especially during the carnival. During this period the city transforms, thanks to its magical atmosphere. It looks like emerged in another era, like a fairy-tale. Venice is amazing thanks to the beautiful architecture of the buildings and the fascinating Piazza San Marco and the magical romantic canals.

Drawing workshop in Florence and not only

At Florence Design School, I had the opportunity to make different workshop such as, Drawing field trip, that I visited and sketched several important Italian Architecture. I exercised on drawing by improving my observation and understanding better the proportions and learned more about the history.

I had the opportunity to visit the famous International exhibition of Design "Salone del Mobile" at Milan. This is one of the most extraordinary and famous exhibition for furniture that every year welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world. Thanks to the Studium Architecturae-Florence Design School, I had the chance to go to the fair with a critical approach choosing some of the most important stands and analyze the design of each brand. These viewpoint helped me to deeper my skills in design and understand better the functional part of the furniture.

Therefore, I want to conclude, talking about the professors Giovanni e Milena. They were very capable, professional, kind and helpful. Thanks to their advices I developed my skills, my thoughts and I improved my knowledge in the field of Design. My all experience in Studium Architecturae - Florence design School was unforgettable and offered me a lot.

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