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Request Information:

Application Requirements:

  • Application Questionnaire:

  • Copy of school diploma or university degree

  • Curriculum vitae/Resume/Covering letter

  • Portfolio (Some examples of work)

  • ID card /Passport


How to apply:

  • Fill out the enrolment form online and enclose all the required documents.

  • Once we accept your application, you'll receive a confirmation by e-mail.

  • Then you can proceed with the payment transfer, sending a copy of the payment receipt by e-mail to

  • After we receive proof of your payment, we will send you an official letter of acceptance which you will need to present to the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your country in order to apply for a Visa (when necessary). If you need to apply for a Visa, a checklist of all the required documents is available on the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at the following LINK


Payment Procedure:

Specific details will be given upon application results.


You can pay by bank transfer or you can make an online payment with  Paypal  at  the following link : 

Studium Architecturae offers the Formula Friends

until the 10th of December 2022

discount  5% off for those who suggest a friend sign up for our Courses

Studium Architecurae - Florence Design School

offers  Scholarships for the Master's course in Interior

Furniture Design and for the Master's course of

International architecture

For more details about requirements, contact:  or visit this link

Professional Interior and Furniture Design Lab

Short Course,  ( 1 or 2 months )

Semester Course; ( 3 months )

1 Master Course; ( 9 months )

2 year Master Course ( 18 months )

Dual Master with Professional Certificate of Practice 


International Architecture Lab

Short Course;

Semester Course;

1 year Master Course; ( 9 months )

2 year Master Course; ( 18 months )

Dual Master with Professional Certificate of Practice

For more details about cost of the courses, contact:  or call at +39 055 2692248

Contact us for more information:



 Tel.: +39 055 2692248


skype: studiumarch2


Adress: Via degli Artisti, 18

50132 Firenze (IT)

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