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Learning in interiors and in life at STAR- institute of Interior Design Florence

I chose to study at Studium Architecturae – Institute of Interior Design in Florence, and I am glad I did. As a beginner I was worried that I would have a difficult time studying an Interior Design Course but the school understood my level and helped me improve to where I was to where I am now. I learned techniques and designs which helped me understand an interior space more. I was able to accomplish the design projects with the help of the professors. I also learned AutoCad step by step and was able to showcase my assignments using this software. One very important lesson that I believe is essential for designing is the use of the grid. When designing, the grid can be very helpful for a more balanced and clean results. I also learned the different definitions of beauty which also is helpful when designing. Beauty can be found in simplicity, in uniqueness, cohesiveness, and even in wounds.

My master in Interior Design helped me to be more knowledgeable in how I should project certain shapes for example, and the reason why I use a certain figure. The relationship between two or more spaces, with the same or different shapes, was another design knowledge I am happy I learned. Interiors are more than what kind of material they are composed of, but most importantly what shapes they are. The negative part of a space is what a designer should focus more on. This part of an interior has to be analysed carefully which in turn, will be the basis on how this certain space should be designed. I am also very happy that I met good friends in the school who were so helpful and warm which made my study even more fun.

Interesting Design Workshops introducing Lime and Marble

I did not only do projects, we also went to workshops. The first workshop was all about the material lime which is widely used in Florence. I learned how lime works, how to apply it, and how to express it as a form of design. I had the chance to mix colours in it and design my own pot. I also was able to see my final project which now is in the school terrace with a plant inside. I really enjoyed this workshop because it gave me the opportunity to express the artistic part of myself. It also introduced me to a material that I have never seen or worked with before.

The Marmomac event was also another workshop I got to witness. It was a field trip workshop which was held in Verona and I saw a wide variation of marble finishes. It was the biggest architectural/design exhibit I have ever seen in my life and my experience with Star-academy of design Florence is very amazing. I also learned about new materials that can be used as a design in the interiors of a home. There, I saw many design concepts which inspired me. Both of the workshops were new to me and I am thankful towards the Institute of Design in Florence for allowing me to experience all these new things.

Experiencing the life in this majestic city

Before coming to Florence, I have always heard good things about it. Growing up, I learned how it is the birth place of The Renaissance – the origin of art, beauty, and architecture. My passion has always been design and studying in this beautiful city has exceeded my expectations. The list of things I enjoyed is endless. I genuinely loved living in Florence. It is a city which is concentrated which means that you can walk to everything. In almost every corner you can find a restaurant with food that will not disappoint. The streets around Duomo, the magnificent historical buildings, and even the residential areas all boast of beauty and timeless designs. Life overall in Florence was filling, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

My favourite part of Florence – Ponte Vecchio and its magnificent architecture

I am lucky to have lived in Italy and even more that I was able to explore Florence. Among all the places I have seen in this city, my favourite is Ponte Vecchio. When I first visited it, I was in lost in its charm. This bridge was unique within itself and the history of it combined to what it is today is what truly gives it the beauty it has. The old age architecture containing different stores selling modern jewellery, the lights, and the overall feel that this bridge gave me was something I have not felt before. The overall architectural design of Ponte Vecchio is marvellous. I also got to visit Pisa and see the Leaning Tower which was also another fascinating architectural art.

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