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An Aspiring Architect from the School of Design in Florence

I come to Italy, from Star- School of Design Florence to start my design career.

The word architecture means in its simplest terms:

the art or practice of Designing and constructing buildings. However every person has put their own spin On this art, for example Álvaro Siza says that it is simply: Architecture is geometry.

For Jean Nouvel it’s much more complex “Architecture is a mystery that must be Preserved”.At the end of my architecture course in Studium ArchitecturAe the Institute of Design in Florence I can find my own definition and start my architecture career with a more personal note.

The lessons that gave me tools for a lifetime.

My first impression of Studium Architecturae during my interior design course was when i first walked in how Beautiful it is. You have no questions about the quality of what you will learn.

As Much as I come from an artistic experience in this design school i can say confidently that I was a beginner in all things Architecture. Therefore everything I heard and saw was brand new it was really exciting. In the architecture class I learned to view the world in a new light.

I would never thought that simple words such as “identity” or “unique” Have a deeper meaning behind them. In the case of “unique” it marked me personally. Because we saw a possibility liked with the word “wound” and how from such wound.

You can create beauty that since it relates to your identity directly it is in itself unique. Furthermore we also learned in the Course of Design in Florence the different ways to organize.

The idea seems simple at first glance but after a deeper view to it there is always something new to find. For example I have to admit that i had only noticed. There typed of the organization on a small scale like rooms inside a house for example.

However once I was taught that these organizations surround us completely I couldn’t stop seeing them everywhere: From axial organisations in museum sall the way to Radial organization in city roads.

On the other hand my drawing lessons gave a sense of completeness to everything I was learning. In my experience it was the most noteworthy because I have always had a hard time translating my ideas into the real world. But with the tools I got from my Professor I could into paper my thoughts in a way that was comprehensible for other people, other minds.

There is kindness in everyone.

First of all, I guess after all this time I have never seen a saying truer that 'Beautiful city and beautiful people'. Because it my time here, I have been met with welcoming arms everywhere I visit. To this day I still remember when I was really nervous during the introduction to the Academy of Design in Florence , the director said jokingly 'Don't worry, we're Italians!'.

I find it very funny because I stand behind this statement to this day, I am now not afraid to ask politely for any help in this city.

In the mornings, I have also had the privilege of studying the Italian language. My teachers in this school are also kind and respect my endless curiosity for learning. I wanted to study this not only because of my personal love for it but because my mother speaks it as well and i wast to speak it with her back home. On this note, my mother stayed with me the first week to make sure that everything was in order and to be honest I was afraid of what would have happened once she left. But I must say that I have felt safe and accepted my entire time here. I can say firmly that the people in Florence make the experience as good as it is.

Florence, a masterpiece in and of itself.

Certainly, I don't feel the need to express how beautiful this city is. Everyone knows that and with good reason. As a photographer, I remember that at every corner on every street I wanted to take at least five different pictures. As time passed, I decided to change it up in order to gain more experience. For that reason, I drew instead of taking a picture or I would create different routes towards my house where I could see in real life the different connecting spaces or organizations.

In fact, sometimes when I was bored or had to wait for my mom in her hotel or in a store I would go and look for the emergency plans. In which, I would try to depict my

location as well as the walls around me it was as if I was reading in another language. And as much as sitting down with a gelato admiring Ponte Vecchio or other monumental locations I must say that I have found the most beautiful places when I missed my bus stop or I walked until I got lost.

All good things come to an end.

In conclusion, my experience that the School of Design in Florence gave me with this course was well-rounded.

I received tools that will not only help me in the realm of architecture and interior design but also open my eyes to the world around me. Finally, my own personal definition that I have deducted with the knowledge that i have gained is the following: Architecture, to me, is the language that our world speaks.

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