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The school's Unique concept derives from the combination of design theoric lectures with experience in a real work environment where every day, every hour we challenge ourselves and all the world.  In fact, the school is inside several International firms of Architecture and Interior Design. Our students work on projects with professionals and suppliers - site inspections and on-site experience - together with visits to museums, exhibitions, events, design factories, and stores. The variety of courses take into account the results of the most important international academic research with testimony from world-famous designers and architects. Almost all new ideas are inspired by works of art and their artists. In addition to scientific and practical activities we read together and we discuss texts about philosophy, artists, current affairs, and the latest tendencies in design and architecture.

Our firm is an architecture and design studio located in Florence. We chose this great city for many reasons.


First of all, because Florence's central location allows us to visit, study and work in many other cities such as Milan, Rome, and Venice where we have developed intense working relationships. In fact, the geographic location of Florence provides swift and easy access to all parts of Italy.


Second, because Italian International Design originated here, where the most interesting historical context met with a vision of the future.


Third, because it is the most emotional city in Italy.


Moreover, our location is in "Via degli Artisti", the great artist district of the city known for its history of artistic production.


The specific of our courses is that they combine teaching and international work experience with theoretical lectures.

Through a practical work approach and city visits with design on-site,  our professors teach various aspects involved in the development of projects in both design (furniture and interior) and architecture.

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 Tel.: +39 055 2692248


skype: studiumarch2


Adress: Via degli Artisti, 18

50132 Firenze (IT)

P.IVA 05151310488

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