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The characteristic of these courses is that Theory is combined with Practice on real jobs site.






Curriculum Overview :


1st year:

  • DP 121 Basic Sketching

  • DP 122 Technical Drawing

  • ID  111 Core Interior Design Studio

  • ID  112 Core Furniture Design Studio

  • PW151 Basic Customer Management

  • HD 141 History of Design 1

  • DP 123 CAD 1

  • DP 124 3D Design SketchUp

  • ID  114 Basic Model making

  • TD 131 Materials featuring 

  • ED 161 Additional Workshop

  • ED 162 Additonal Field Trip

  • ED 163 Competition

2nd year:

  • DP 221 Recording Observation

  • ID  211 Perception in Design

  • ID  212 Psycology of shape

  • ID  213 Professional Interior Design

  • ID  214 Professional Furniture Design

  • PW252 Supplier Management

  • HD 242 History of Design 2

  • DP 222 CAD 2

  • DP 223 3D Rendering Vray

  • ID  215 Model making 2

  • DP 224 Theory of Colors

  • TD 232 Detailed Technical drawings

  • PW253 Marketing of Design

  • ED 261 Additional Workshop

  • ED 262 Additonal Field Trip

  • ED 263 Competition


Studium Architecturae - Florence Design School has an Innovative approach of teaching, combining the theory with work experience.  For that reason Studium Architecturae - Florence Design School reserve the right at its sole discretion to change the lecture structure, aspects of the teaching and learning process, content and numbers of hours of each subject during the course taking into consideration the students skills and the work program, in order to obtain the best result.Each lesson has 45 minutes duration.

DP 121 Basic Sketching


This course introduces students to the various techniques of hand Sketching, thanks to the quick visualization and perspective drawing. Students will have the opportunity to express and represent their ideas by hand drawing. The drawing become a tool to communicate a design information but also as personal self expression. Our Interior Design Institute in Florence consider this scientific subject as fundamental.

DP 122 Technical Drawing


The Course content will provide the staring point of technical drawing. A development of analytical and aesthetic skills, thanks to the correct graphic representation, such as lettering, line weight, dimensioning and other graphic standards in order to create an accurate technical drawing.

ID 111 Core Interior Design Studio


Introduces students to the basic principles of the Design solutions. Starting from the dots, lines, surfaces, volumes and the ordering principals to define the relationship between space and forms such as a shapes grammar. The course inside the academy of design will help students to build their ability to evaluate the design process critically.

ID 112 Core Furniture Design Studio


Introduction to the basic principles of international Furniture Design. The course will focus on the principles of design furniture composition and manufacturing. Functions, elementary approach to the forms as vocabulary in order to express a meaning with elegance and refinement in the shapes language.

PW151 Basic Customer Management

The Academy of Interior Design in Florence This topic will introduce students to analyze the human behaviors by meeting various psychological, social and economic needs.The students will learn strategy and psychological analyses in order to respond the best way to the customers desires.

HD 141 History of Art and Design 1

School Lab

This course will introduce the most important architectural and design periods from 13th to 20th century. The course will focus on the most important architects and designers, and design movements in their historical and social context.


After concluding the course, students will receive a Dual Diploma with a Certificate of professional practice.


Students will gain an experience in the field of Interior design and architecture by studying, practicing the theory ,concept Made in Italy and working directly inside an international Architecture and  Interior Design Studio.

The students will obtain the title Interior Designer and can proceed with their  professional career in the field of Interior Design as a freelancer or associate inside Interior Design and Architecture firms or employees in creative industries such as Exhibition design, Event design, Decoration, Product Design, Furniture Design, 3D Specialization, Rendering Specialization, Project illustration,  Visual merchandising.


Contact us for more information:

 Tel.: +39 055 2692248

skype: studiumarch2


Adress: Via degli Artisti, 18

50132 Firenze (IT)

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