Giovanni Voto

Born in Vieste in 1969, he graduated as an architect in 1996 and has been teaching in the Laboratory for Architectural Design at Faculty of Architecture at the University of Florence.
His research activities have deployed through partecipating in both national and international competition and expositions, as well as taking part in conference and conventions. He has furthermore dedicated himself intensively to the study of residential dwellings and the cuting-edge trends on the tourism sector.​

His path has been significantly and successfully realized through the carrying out of works of both national and international location and from an urban and building scale to that of concept and of interior design.
Having been “baptized” in the building yard as early as a university student, he combines a deep, theoretical research and a substantial knowledge of building techniques and processes of production and that in how he has managed to develop the line of thought of his works, in a coherent and effective way, supported by his circle of assistants.


Fabrizio Braconi – Engineer


Lorenzo Leoncini – Energy Engineer


Paola Boffo – Architect


Luigi Salemi – Architect


Luca Chiavola – Architect



Arch. Paolo Formaglini – Technical Drawing and Graphics

Arch. Andrea Alberico – Technology and Furniture Construction

Arch. Leone Pecchioli – History of Architecture and Design

Enzo Dangelo – Lighting Design

Arch. Leonardo Bua – Product Design

Arch. Daniele Sorrentino – Technology Design