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Credits: ​​Giovanni Voto / Milena Shtereva 

Milan, Italy  2015




We can enter in a BEAUTIFUL and NICE PLACE or in a NICE AND IMPRESSIVE PLACE. The purpose in creating a Brand is that, in a social condition where there is no time and where everything happens in a hurry, to foster a REAL EXPERIENCE. A strong experience that is permanently fixed in the memory and that comes back to our mind as well recognizable and identifiable NOT CONFUSABLE with any other food store.

For this reason, all senses should be stimulated in addition to the palate and sight, at least the smell and the hearing may be the subject of subsequent work (unless tact is used)

Magritte (with Golconda) and Fornasetti, are our conceptual reference.

In particular, Fornasetti can get an image of symbols, objects, and products on the border between the COMMERCIAL and ARTS. Iconic elegance but also cordial and affectionate irony.

The problem is: how to generate a perception of warmth, an effective dimension – since nothing is closer to the affectivity than the food – in a product that apparently appears to be precooked food? From the study and research of CONCEPT, we thought of the wings of an Angel. ( Guardian angel)

All MOOD has, therefore, developed the idea of a symbolic image that is repeated in a light and humorous way that reminds beneficial feelings of freedom and warmth: A DISH WITH WINGS; A FLYING PLATE with cutlery placed to the sides like an angel’s wings.

The repetition of the FLYING PLATE image that freely spreads over all surfaces defines an EXPERIENCE that impresses and impresses by affecting memory for strangeness, lightness, and sympathy. ANGEL DISHES can contain inside the

writings of different products or in writings that from time to time create cheerful and warm visions of the food experience.