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The characteristic of these courses is that theory is combined with practice on real jobs environments where every day, every hour we subvert ourself and all the world!


The best way to make your dreams true is to Wake up:  W A K E U P to B E A U T Y and join with us.

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Florence is a Dynamic ever changing city - the heart of Renaissance culture.

The traces of the Renaissance, the fashion boutiques, and fine Italian craftsmanship are an inexhaustible source of inspiration: Artists, Designers, Architects, Poets from around the world, are always influenced by the florentine atmosphere.



Florence is a walkabout city which can be easily explored on foot and every corner reveals a glimpse of something unexpected and surprising.

You can walk to some of the places of major interest: The Cathedral, Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Strozzi, Ponte Vecchio, The Boboli Garden, Uffizi are only a few of the wonderful places you will find.



The school is in the immediate vicinity of the city center, in Via degli Artisti ( Artists street). This district is the center of artistic production in Florence and a short walk will take you to some of the busiest streets of florentine life, where workshops, bars, cafes jostle with shops, art galleryes and vintage boutiques. Moreover, the school is well served by buses and is near the railway station (Campo di Marte).



Nightlife is spread over the many bars and clubs in the city centre and in summer, along the river, Piazza Santa Croce, Piazza Santo Spirito and San Niccolo riverside are some of Florence's night hubs



we suggest you spend your first nights in Florence in a  hotel ( ad we enclose a list for your information) while you look for an apartment or find before via Internet. A single room in a shared apartment will cost from 550/650 euro per month, an independent apartment will cost from 750/1250 euro per month. These prices are indicative according to size and location.

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 Tel.: +39 055 2692248


skype: studiumarch2


Adress: Via degli Artisti, 18 

50132 Firenze (IT)


Some international students: 

Ezgi K.

“...Experiencing the language of shape, importance of light, sketching and even drawing techniques gave me a new approach and a new way of thinking. It is a privilege to be able to work with professors who are professionals at their job and willing to teach...I believe that this experience strongly enriched my future studies and helped me have a better prospect in my career ...”


Ziwenchang K.

"…My experience at Studium Architecturae Florence Design School was a very enriching…....Such experiences intrigued me greatly about how good architectural works happen in different scales and inspired me on discovering the hearts of great architects and the of my own as a young architect-to-be."


Shreya H.

"...It was a great experience ...There were many interesting workshops lined up for us and I got to meet so many different people from different backgrounds. It was truly a great experience and it broadened my perspective on Design and we got a small glimpse on an Italian approach to Interior Spaces..."


Sohana M.

"...It was the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge with a practical experience.....I got to attend client meetings and go for site visits which i really enjoyed. It was a different experience working at an architects studio as we got to learn what actually happens in real life and not base our designs on hypothetical situations.... Definately recommend!"


Daniela M.

"...During my studies, I had the opportunity to have contact for the first time with the world of work through Studium Architecturae. An enriching experience with excellent and accessible people.Thanks for the opportunity and for the knowledge!.."


Rahul D.

"...It was a great experience studying directly at an architects studio as it didn't feel completely theoretical which usually is the case at any other university...Small classes and personal attention from Giovanni and Milena helped for quicker learning..."


Stella C.

I attended a Master course at Studium Architecturae Florence Design School and I discovered a new way to approach the Design and the composition of the shapes, finishings and colors....The professors are very capable, professional and kind. I learned a lot. Absolutely, recommend it!!...."


Parisa E.

"...Such a nice experience!... Passing time and learning a lot of things, was an honorable experience for me! Thanks a lot for every thing..."


Marcelina K.

"...This opportunity brought me new insights about Italian design, which changed my way of thinking, among others how important is to think about details of project, because they all together build one great whole...Great Experience!!!"


Carlos P.

“Great School, Great People, Great Experience.... I had the opportunity not only learn about Interior Design but I was immersed into the Italian way of living and culture.Thank you"


Berk P.

“.....Here, I had the luck to meet many professional people prepared and attentive, that show me architecture from a new point of view.Thank you for everything.”


Xia Y.

"Very professional on all levels. Attention to each student! Determined to get the best out of every student..."


Kaidi P.

"Best studying experience in my life. Real life projects and workshops with personal tutoring made my experience great. Really recommend staying as long as you can! I spent there one month but would take longer course any time " 


Michael F.

"...The professors are dedicated, professional and talented. I had an an amazing experience!..."


Milda G.

"...i worked hard on projects and models. The discussion about job was interesting and Florence is an a beatiful and funny place. I made friends with stundents..."


Johanna M.

"...The lectures were truly interesting and the exercises concerning a real project gave me the chance to practice what I learned during the lectures. The professors are very competent, supportive and give the school a personal touch. Thanks to the small size of the class, you also get a lot of attention from the professors..."


Doria M.

"...Studying with Studium Architecturae throughout my semester abroad was an incredible experience. I appreciate the amount of detail that goes into the architectural works produced....Thank you for the wonderful learning opportunity!"


Ana Caro G.

"...It has been a great time going to this school. The staff is friendly and helpful.The atmosphere in the classes, and in the cafe-lunch break is very relaxed and friendly. Thank you!!!"


AnaElisa S.

 "....Ho imparato molto di architettura, ho imparato a non smettere di cercare. Ancora non so e non capisco bene tutto..., ma sono sicura che farò il mio meglio ogni giorno. Grazie per tutto!!!..."


Alessandro F.

 "...the most fascinating part of the school are the professors. Prepared, attentive to the students and always ready to deepen. ... ."


Federica C.

"....Además de las conferencias y el estudio práctico de diseño eran muy interesantes visitas a museos y exposiciones en otras ciudades. Una experiencia única.... ."


Milica B.

 "....learning every day in an international school is marvelous . We met a lot of Professionals in every field. Engineer, Geologist, Quantity surveyor and desingner.I was entusiastic... ."


Eleonor C.

"...El estudio de diseño de interiores en Florencia, en el corazón del Renacimiento, se ha abierto horizontes desconocidos. Profesores atento y amable...."


Rose M.

"...Pendant ce parcour d'études j'ai appliqué les notions théoriques aux aspects pratiques du travail. L'expérience directe avec opérateurs et clients etait exaltante.........."


Davide L.

"...Per me e`stato un grande piacere frequentare la scuola . Insegnanti molto competente sia nel punto di vista didattico sia del punto di vista umano. Grazie"


Francesco C.

"...Ho avuto l'opportunità di studiare all' Interno di Studium Architecturae. E 'stato un piacere di conoscere un squadra di professionisti come loro. Per me è stata una grande esperienze..."



"...Bellissima esperienza!Un luogo di studio e di lavoro perfetto con professori  molto qualificati! Grazie di cuore.."


Giuseppe C.

 "...e vero che è possibile scoprire di più se stessi e la propria passione attraverso un percorso formativo che introduce a un dibattito critico proprio durante il progetto...."


Alessandra V.

“.....Here, I had the luck to meet many professional people prepared and attentive, that show me architecture from a new point of view.Thank you for everything.”


Leonardo D.

"...i dialoghi sull'inteior design e l'approccio di lavoro avevano un respiro universale: Infinito. Questo insieme alla pratica costante molto concreta è stato un mix formidabile..."


Beatrice M.

“...L'esperienza presso Studium Architecturae mi ha permesso di entrare in contatto con le molteplici fasi di lavoro, e al tempo stesso di costante formazione, che si presentano all'interno di uno studio. "


Elena T.

".... con grande passione e professionalità Giovanni, Milena e Elena mi hanno accolto, insegnato molto e trasmesso tanto.Grazie !!! “


Marta C.



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