The characteristic of these courses is that theory is combined with practice on real jobs site.




Duration of the workshop is from one to four days, for a half-day or an all-day session time, depending on your choice.


The Drawing Workshop has been curated as a short course that introduces you to a unique field experience: drawing the most beautiful Italian architectural works, breathing the essence of the Tuscan Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Organized by the Florence Architecture and Design School Lab, the workshop guides you through the possibility of increasing your manual skills or learning basic techniques if you still don’t have them. Drawing sessions are held in English and take place mostly in the historical center of Florence, Italy, the heart of the Italian Renaissance. We can also consider other historic Italian towns in Tuscany, famous for their medieval structure. Each meeting is structured in two consequential parts.

The first part consists of a short historical introduction of the architecture taken into account. We can dive into the architect’s point of view at that particular historical period, and we can also recognize the construction techniques and the materials used.

In the second part we can get into the heart of the drawing phase and with sketchbook in our hand, we’ll capture the magic of the Florentine architectures. Your pencils on paper will be your eyes and the final work will help you to keep alive in time the memory of this wonderful city.

The workshop is aimed at study-abroad students, Italian students and also workers interested in this field. It also represents an opportunity to socialize and meet people from all over the world and get in touch with new ways of thought.



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